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“VF chips”Turn the vegetables into gold

At present, the domestic economic development with each passing day. In the fruit and vegetable market brings great opportunities, but also bring the industry needs to address the challenges and business break. VF crisp fruit and vegetable coincides with the birth, it ushered in a green revolution crisp fruit and vegetable industry.
This does not, more and more enterprises in the industry, making the market supply and demand has been a serious imbalance, increased fruit and vegetable industry is facing the challenges and risks of being shuffled. However, in some fruits and vegetables crisp market segments, there is still a larger upside, especially in the core of information technology industry category. Such as VF fruit and vegetable crisp series is a typical case.
Data show that fruit and vegetable crisp is the general name of fruit crisp and crisp vegetables. According to the authoritative definition of the national light industry standard, with fruits and vegetables as the main raw material, the production of vacuum frying dehydration of different kinds of fruit and vegetable chips. It is the biggest characteristic, is crisp, different flavor, good health, good for both young and old; the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables pure natural color, nutrition and flavor, but also has low fat, low calorie and high fiber characteristics; and the rate of oil is lower than that of the traditional fried food, no greasy feeling, also won't produce 3-4 than benzo acrylamide and other carcinogens, long shelf life, convenient to eat.
In fact, fruit and vegetable crisp not only has the advantages of the above series, more important, but also reduce the value of agricultural products. It is reported that China is the world's largest producer of fruits, vegetables and consumer countries. A report from the Ministry of agriculture data show that in 2015 China's total output of fruits and vegetables nearly 10 tons, of which more than 7 tons of vegetable production.
Unfortunately, at present our country residents' consumption of fruits and vegetables mostly stay in raw food and kitchen, restaurant cooking and other primary processing, in the depth of the fruit and vegetable industry and technology level, compared with developed countries, there is still a gap. In addition, China's annual loss of agricultural products amounted to 200 billion yuan. Therefore, it is an effective way to reduce the loss of agricultural products to improve the processing technology of fruits and vegetables, develop a series of new products and expand the market.
Here, there is a nutrition based, YISHION natural and pollution-free ingredients as the source, to do professional products VF crisp fruit and vegetable health good food "for the mission, it is at the national level continue to increase agricultural products deep processing project support, deep processing of fruit and vegetable industry has become the focus of Industrial Development under the background of according to the market situation, crisp fruit and vegetable, the use of the latest VF food processing technology, the upcoming VF crisp fruit and vegetable products, including VF VF, crisp fruit and vegetable assorted vegetables crisp crisp fruit and vegetable assorted fruit and vegetable crisp, crisp fruit and vegetable green radish VF VF crisp, crisp, crisp fruit and vegetable chips VF small letinous edodes 5 crisp crisp fruit and vegetable products.
Ming Tak food preferably representative of pure natural vegetable and fruit, using NASA's space VF food processing technology, the maximum extent, keep the original color and taste of fruits and vegetables, the prototype and the original nutrition and taste crisp. In this sense, crisp fruit and vegetable products, snacks can be described as a natural gold mine".
Thus, leveraging Internet plus, crisp fruit and vegetable series of products will bring consumers endless stimulation and enjoy the taste buds.
Ming Tak food believes that as a new type of high-grade nutritional leisure products, fruits and vegetables crisp on the market, will set off a casual snack consumption fashion, even usher in new opportunities throughout the deep processing of fruit and vegetable industry. Bang Bang Da and crisp.





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