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pepper planting base
pepper planting base

Pepper planting base:XinYang MingDe Food Co.,ltd. belongs to the Jinzhu Group in Henan province, whose total investment of 1.5 trillion and covers about 30,000 square meters. It owns the standard workshops to produce 10000 tons frozen fruit and vegetable every year and VT  fruit and vegetable crisp chips as well as flavouring foods. There are frozen and low-temperature storages whose capacity is 3000 tons. The company set up one comprehensive agricultural foods  testing center that covers 200 square metres, where equipped with the testing device for the pesticide residue detection and microorganism laboratory to inspect the sensory, physical and chemical properties,microorganism and pesticide residue detection. 





Add:lixiang road,industrial agglomeration zone,xixian county,henan province