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40 degrees below zero frozen frozen vegetables on the ocean fishing boats

The fresh vegetables after cleaning, blanching, in the low temperature of 40 degrees Celsius under rapid freezing, not only to ensure that the food taste, nutrient composition is not lost, but also to extend the preservation of vegetables.
Located in Dinghai Baiquan Town Xingta community Zhoushan Dacheng food limited company, is the only one in Zhoushan with the technology of food processing enterprises.
"With this technology, the surrounding farmers are not afraid of unsalable vegetables will rot in the fields, but also solve the problem of fishing vessels to eat fresh vegetables." Xie Ting, head of the company said.
Twenty or thirty kinds of quick frozen fresh vegetables on the ocean fishing boats
Mr. Lee has been a time when ocean fishing crew. For him, the most difficult is not floating in the sea all face a vast sea of loneliness, but not to eat fresh vegetables.
"Although before sailing, will also prepare plenty of fresh vegetables on the ship, in the freezer, but the leafy vegetables preservation time is short after all, half a month almost finished." Lee said, so often to the late crew were caught in a situation where you want to eat vegetables. "Except for Chinese cabbage and potatoes, it's still a long time. So the first thing we do after landing, is to the hotel in a row of five or six vegetables to eat a happy."
Frozen vegetables can be stored for a year, and some longer, which solves the problem of the supply of offshore fishing vessels, our products are basically sold on the ocean fishing boats." In the company's refrigerator, a variety of different varieties of Xie Ting told reporters the place of quick-frozen vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, beans, sweet potatoes, "there are twenty or thirty varieties."
Low temperature frozen "locked" nutrition extended storage time
Xie Ting moved out of a box of quick-frozen vegetables, at first glance, the surface of frozen vegetables, do not look fresh. "But after thawing, it tastes like fresh vegetables." He took out the one or two trees, in a basin of warm water, with vegetables on the ice, the leaves slowly stretch. Reporters tried to take a bite, but also really crisp feeling, but the image is still a gap compared with fresh vegetables. "If it is a natural thaw, then the effect will be better." Xie Ting said.
Xie Ting said that in the frozen processing, raw materials need to use hot water blanching or high-temperature steam hot, in order to achieve the purpose of killing enzymes. Different varieties of vegetables are also the degree of hot bleaching, such as vegetables in general to achieve six maturity, and some as long as 5 mature. It is also beneficial to protect the vitamins and other nutrients in vegetables." At the same time, compared with slow freezing, freezing at low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, it is not easy to yellow fracture, preservation time is longer.
The processing chain sales led farmers enthusiasm forward delivery
There are a lot of ocean fishing boats in Zhoushan. Prior to the introduction of this technology, some of the need for a large number of frozen seafood from Yuyao, Jinhua and other places.
Because of long-term dealings with local farmers, we are not a problem in Zhoushan vegetable supply." Xie Ting said that at present, the company and Dinghai Baiquan, cen Hong Kong, Ma mu, a number of agricultural cooperatives in Putuo Zhujiajian, signed a sales agreement. Xie Ting said the company each year directly or indirectly led farmers more than and 200, docking more than 3 thousand tons of agricultural products, including frozen vegetables accounted for a total of more than 1 thousand tons.
Zhoushan city as the "food basket" project base, the company also carried out bank acquisitions of agricultural and sideline products. "In November last year, the local cauliflower yield increase, a time of sale to two cauliflower unmarketable, triangle a pound, we take Five catty corner in the price of the acquisition of more than and 100 tons, processed into frozen vegetables, extending the sales time, now have been sold out." Xie Ting introduction.
In order to expand production, the company has purchased 27 acres of land in the West Pier, in September and October next year will build a new plant, with a total of 3 lines, plus cold chain logistics, then the output can reach tens of thousands of tons.





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