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Low temperature preservation engineering

In the rapid development of the food industry, modern equipment not only to enhance the efficiency of production, but also a breakthrough in product taste. Refrigeration equipment widely used in many areas of cross-border trade, food, fresh aquatic products processing, but some people may not know, durian and freezing equipment and frozen technology, will bring new food experience.
Durian is known as the king of fruits, is a very high nutritional value of tropical fruits. Like the durian fruit industry Stinky tofu, love one who like durian fragrant, unable to endure the moment.
In this position, durian are often in focus of public opinion: in 2015, Thailand fruit ripening events in durian bubble potions network caused a great disturbance, then the Tianjin Airport Inspection and quarantine personnel to detect imported durian flesh mud bacteria exceed the standard. A time to let consumers buy durian bellwaver, worried about the whole drug treatment, single buy minced meat and fear of bacteria exceed the standard.
This is how a drug called?
For example, when to choose durian, pick up a piece of the mouth, and with mature flavor of durian, but buy back open tasting, carefully observe the meat is still hard, and there are some durian shell (Thailand yellow powder is soaked ginger decoction and the like, as is the color and flavor), also have is ripener amount is too large, the flesh before mature shell to mouth.
In recent years, Thailand, Malaysia and other local residents have begun to use cold preservation of popular frozen durian.
Frozen storage has many advantages, for example, can guarantee the durian meat is the natural state of mature peeling, without any additives, health and safety.
To remind the industry, quick-frozen fresh durian is a very precise technology, durian picking, must eat or do quick freezing treatment within 8 hours, otherwise the fruit is easy to produce large amounts of water after natural fermentation, decay. In general, three hours after landing in durian about -60 DEG C for freezing cold storage, quick freezing and one hour after entering -18 deg.c to -22 deg.c cold storage preservation. In this way, the durian rich and sweet to be fully preserved. If the durian pulp directly remove the vacuum packaging frozen is a good storage methods, but the technology is more complex.
Frozen storage of durian chowhound had a very important advantage -- out of the freezer durian meat slightly defrost, smell is not very heavy, it tastes like ice cream taste, so now frozen durian not only on the origin began to spread, between the durian lovers began to pop.
Of course, the premise of frozen durian delicious and healthy is frozen, freeze the whole place, if not in place, such as the temperature is not reached, it will cause bacteria exceed the standard at the beginning of December 2015, Tianjin Airport Inspection and quarantine personnel sampling a batch of 200 kg of durian flesh mud, found that the total number of colonies exceeded the limit of 97 times. With the continuous development of the consumer market, technology continues to break through, the quality of low temperature preservation project should also keep up with market demand and industry norms.
According to statistics, the current freeze preservation technology in China for meat, and preservation technology is mainly Vegetable & Fruit refrigeration, air conditioning, and because of the characteristics of durian, not with other fruits together frozen, so there is frozen durian opened thepioneer frozen fruit. Whether it is the future of marketing or cold chain transport, this takes some time to get used to digest, but frozen durian is popular trend can not be underestimated.





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