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“VF chips”There are so many hidden behind the health code

The data shows, crisp fruit and vegetable series uses VF dehydration technology in the forefront of the world, the sublimation of fresh fruits and vegetables made of healthy fruits and vegetables crisp, color, smell and taste and nutrition are the same, high nutrition, low fat, high temperature non fried, non puffed, healthy snack food is good for both young and old.
In the United States and Europe, pure natural crisp fruit and vegetable market share for 3-5%, accounting for food consumption expenditure 2-5%; in contrast, $12000 for the food expenditure of urban residents in China costs, even if eating fruits and vegetables crisp by 2%, there are about 2 billion 400 million yuan of market share. Moreover, with the enhancement of people's health concept and nutritional knowledge of discrimination, the counterfeit goods will no longer scenery.
Ming Tak food believes that in the next 10 years, with fruit and vegetables as the representative of the fragile fruit and vegetable processing and preservation of healthy food, will become the leading health industry a beautiful landscape!





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